Throughout history man has sought ways of seeing beyond his consciousness.
An altered state consciousness has been sought by humans for more than 30,000 years with the use of mind-altering plants like peyote, LSD, cannabis, psychedelic mushrooms and so on. The use of extreme physical experiences such as sweat lodges, excessive dancing or painful physical rituals were also used to attain an ecstatic, mystic state or altered state of consciousness.
A growing popularity in the use of yoga and Meditation are currently used to enter into an altered states of conscious
Meditation in its various forms is being rediscovered by modern psychology because of its therapeutic potential and its ability to help the mind settle down. A growing use of psychotherapy, hypnosis and meditation are now being used by professionals.
Restricting movement, compressing the body and depriving the senses or what I term "adult swaddling" is a practice that is as valid as any of these age old practices in regard to achieve an altered state of consciousness. The added benefit of this type of experience is that it is a drug free. Adult swaddling is a passive activity that requires any extensive training, discipline or hard work, you are simply a participant. This activity is happening to you and for you, nothing is required of you but to relax, trust and explore with an adventurous attitude.

I personally believe this type of treatment can calm, nurture and expand the participants consciousness. Many have compared it's effects to "tripping". I have personally experienced memory walks/flights, out of body journeys/flights and physical astro projection. I am not a meditator, yoga practitioner or drug user in fact I'm a down to earth very practical guy. My idea of meditation involves a hammer and nails or a shovel.

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