Back in the saddle/sack again….

We recently relocated from the Big Island of Hawaii to the high desert of central Oregon. Most moves involve a U-haul but the logistics of shipping household goods over a couple thousand miles of water is much more traumatic  Not only did it take more than two months but one third of our possessions are lost. They say they have located “most” of them but when they arrive is still a mystery.

Fortunately all of my gear arrived safely. Yes my personal customer made sleepsacks, hoods and various medical restraints arrived in tact. However the settling in part of finding an apartment buying new furniture, clothes (my wife’s clothes are missing) and new jobs has not allowed mush time or energy to do a proper swaddling session.

I’m like an old dog curling up and rearranging a  rug to find the perfect place to lay down for a nap. I need everything perfect and the way I arrange my sleep sack on our bed takes a little of this rearranging. Well two days ago I finally found My Happy Place. I enjoyed a four hour session in total bliss. It won’t be as long until my next session but for now I have my reset.

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