Extreme restraint and immobilization…

Extreme examples of restraint and immobilization. I know many of you are shocked by these photos, some find them interesting and some may find them extremely provocative. My heart skips a beat thinking of the feeling of total control or lose of control. Maybe a better word for this is the lose of responsibility. From left to right is by a guy named Christopher located in LA, he makes a custom form fitting leather sleep sack. Next is from Maxcita of Caught in the act, he built a very secure bondage chair. Then there are Metal Bound Products these are two examples of custom aluminum storage units. 

My focus is on those of you who are drawn to this type of immobilization. I am willing to help anyone have an experience at any level they feel comfortable with. If the shock of these photos interest you we need to talk. Feel free to contact me by email. 

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