Gloomy Day Float

Me in my Maxcita custom made sleep sack.

I have had this sleepsack for many years. As I spend endless hours struggling and sometimes sweating it has molded perfectly to my body. Taped eyes, blindfolded, earplugs, ear covers, stocking cap, thick socks on my feet and two pair of knit gloves covered by thick hunting socks cover my hands. A knee pad between my legs but other than that I’m naked against the tight fitting canvas.

This sleepsack can be suspended vertical or inverted so strapping it tightly to the table is very secure. The table is slightly higher at the head with padding under the knees. The head is secured by three straps to totally immobilize the head.

The body straps squeeze the body firmly but not too tight. two strategic “D” rings at the knees and hips enhance the immobilization feel. I absolutely can’t move but after many sessions I have this setup dialed in so there are no pressure points.

There, four or more hours is like visiting a psychopelic spa. I float, dream walk, twilight sleep and at time astroproject. My loving wife keeps watch over me with absolutely no interruptions. I sometimes set a time but mostly I just stay in until I’m ready.

The time limit can be a challenge because 30 minutes in I sometimes get restless and want out. That is when it becomes what I call “forced meditation”.

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