House calls in the Bend Oregon area

We are in the process of acquiring a quiet convenient location for my business. We want this to be the perfect fit combining sensory deprivation tanks and our unique type of therapy.

Until then I am offering "house call" sessions in the Bend Oregon and surrounding area. I have several unique custom pieces to fit average sizes. I also offer a pallet wrap and tape mummification, one size fits everyone. 

My introductory rates are $199 for a two hour session and $75 for each additional hour. I will travel anywhere with a nominal fee for travel. I am willing to come to you with travel expense and accommodations. Nothing fancy just food a bathroom and a place to crash.

If you are visiting central Oregon, why not schedule a long relaxing afternoon journey?

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Introductory consult and session

After all of your questions are answered you will begin your first journey. It will begin in a quiet place where your comfort is the central focus. This is a learning session to build trust and to experience some of our techniques and equipment.

You will leave refreshed and informed. You will have an understanding of what is possible. The door will then be open for your next session.

This photo is only one example of what is possible, nothing is required each client starts and can stay at whatever level you feel comfortable.

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Secure guided session

After you are informed and comfortable your sessions can become more secure. You will plan all aspects of your session including the duration. Trust is vital to a quality session.

You will be guided safely through the session by me personally, I am an experienced practitioner with more than 40 years of experiencing and applying this practice. I will be vigilant, always there to intervene allowing you to relax and explore this new experience.

There is never an expectation to go to this level it is always optional. Over multiple sessions a sense of trust builds allowing you to relax and sink deeper and deeper.

This photo is my personal gear and yes that is me. You are never required to do anything. The head cover is always an option.

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Immobilization sessions

This is for those who want complete immobilization. Once or if you are comfortable with this level we offer a few options. One size fits all plastic wrap, plastic wrap with tape, form fitting specializes sacks all with or without compression. If you have any specific interests or limitations all sessions can be tailored to you.

Optional sensory deprivation devices to cover the head are also available.

Like all sessions they are fully planned out and supervised.

Again you are in total control of what you want to explore. Every step is optional. This is an example of full coverage natural rubber. 


Advanced sessions...

These sessions are for the experienced. The main reason I started this business is to share this incredible experience with others suffering from focus issues.  Taking this experience to the next level opens up opportunities to explore  the deepest levels of meditation and possibly out of body travel.  


Multi day sessions for the most experienced practitioner...

For the very experienced looking for that fantasy experience I offer multi-day sessions with daily or overnight sessions. Bring your own gear or have me come to you, I will be your trusted stranger and help you finally use it. These sessions are detailed and negotiated.

If you plan on being in The Bend Oregon area or want to send someone for a dream week or two, please drop me an e-mail at It could be the vacation of a lifetime. A relaxing adventure in the high desert you will never forget.


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