Sexual Arousal vs Sexual Release

I will admit Adult Swaddling has a sexual arousal effect on me and for a very long time I felt it was connected and any good session had to include sex. Adding a spice like physical restraint to enhance a sexual act is a very common these days. This is used to create a sense of vulnerability, to raise sexual tension and to heighten the effects of an orgasm.

This can be practiced by men and women but the effects are much different. Since I’m not a woman I won’t speculate on the female experience but as a man I will. 

I found the effects on men are very pleasurable but cause a sharp change in mood after an orgasm. I become uninterested and want to end a session as soon as this happens. The large brain chemical flood that happens post orgasm seems to reach a sort of finish line so I thought this was all there was.  So for many years I overlooked the very powerful longterm effects of adult swaddling. 

The effects of age and my growing interest in the effects of long periods of sexual denial allowed me to focus on the profound effects of longer and longer adult swaddling sessions.

This sexual arousal is now only a part of my experience in an adult swaddling session. It is however part of it and while it is happening. Because of restriction and the inability to do anything about it, I don’t try to stop it, ignore it or feel it is a bad thing, I just feel the flow of the urges.  It may last a few minutes, last a few hours or come and go throughout a session. It adds to the experience as much as a blindfold or earplugs. What I can’t do with my other senses eventually settles into part of the sensory journey. In the same way the sense of vulnerability and lack of stimulation is a journey that can be extremely powerful.

I love sunsets, waterfalls and the sense of flying but I also love my sexual senses. They are part of us as much as sight and sound. 

This post talks about sex so I want to make this clear; In my practice I keep a therapy session totally professional and keep any sexual activity or discussion out of a session. However I do realize with many people this is an uncontrollable reality, occasionally a client may reveal signs of sexual arousal but I ignore it. I understand this is just part of the human condition.

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