Unconventional cold remedy…

This is my first cold winter in years and I caught a cold. I can't stay in bed because I drive a bus four days a week on 200 miles of icy and snow covered roads. 

My days off I try to rest but the best thing I can do is to sweat it out. I put my thick natural rubber sleep sack inside my canvas bag. The canvas bag is fastened securely to our bed. I have a rubber hood that fits inside the canvas hood. 

I am covered head to toe with warm natural heavy mill rubber. My extra thick Mr S Leather sleep sack is a classic. I have had it for many years because I wash it after every use. Body oils can break down most rubber products over time. The hood is a thinner layer but it fits my bald head well and fits inside the canvas hood perfectly so my head can be immobilized. I add soft effective earplugs and an open eye blindfold.

The principle behind this is to be totally compressed and immobilized in a womb like warm environment so I can struggle and sweat. The rubber is filled with powder to allow my double elbow length gloves to slide easily into the interior sleeves to secure my arms tightly to my sides. The double gloves are one pair of thick surgical gloves and a pair of extra thick chemical gloves. This makes my hands and fingers totally useless.

The compression begins as the bag is zipped up to my neck. I have put on weight so it gets fairly tight. Next I am compressed by 11 tight straps to further compress my body. I have padding between my ankles and knees to allow the outside straps to compress my legs and avoid ankle to ankle and knee to knee bode issues.

The canvas bag is secured shoulders and feet with locking Humane restraint leather straps. These are attached to our heavy wooden bed frame.  next my head is firmly attached to the head board while nestled in a ring pillow. 

After this I can't move an inch anywhere. Breathing is restricted and causes a small feeling of panic but with years of experience I know this will pass. I am then covered with a heavy feather comforter patted on the head and monitored from the next room. 

We have done this many times so she knows I can handle most small issues so she rarely checks in or lets me know she is checking in. These sessions run three to five hours, this one was 4.5 hours. 

Most sessions I try not to overheat but this is the point of the rubber sack so I struggle so I can sweat. My heart rate can be an issue but I have learned to control this. With a word I can be out so I've not been in any danger. 

I get so much more emotional with rubber so the dreams are very powerful. I sweat pounds doing this type of play and I'm not sure it helps with a cold, but It is a powerful fun session. 

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